Zyppah RX mouthpiece: An effective solution

Posted on September 6, 2015 By

Zyppah RX ReviewYou will find everything you want to know about the Zyppah RX Anti-Snoring mouthpiece in this complete review.  It is better know because of its dual feature as it works both as a MAD and a TSD. If you ever used an anti-snoring mouth piece before you know there not 100% effective because they focus in only one of the possible causes of snoring which are relaxed soft tissues which collapse against each other producing vibrations (snoring sounds). However, another main cause of snoring is blocking of the airway by means of the tongue. When you fall sleep all of your muscles relaxes, including your tongue, so it falls back blocking most of your airway also producing snoring sounds. By using Zyppah RX you will solve both of these problems so results are pretty much 100% guaranteed.

It uses the boil and bite method. This method is really easy to perform, all you have to do is immerse the mouthpiece in boiling water, then bite it and place it in cold water to get a perfect customized oral appliance. It is absolutely confortable because it is made of a BPA free material which feels really soft. It will obviously feel awkward the first nights of use but you will get used to it and the most important thing is that you will feel fully rested the very first night of use. Do not waste time and use the free trial period, there are no risks involved if you just want to try it!


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