Carnival Check in At Miami Airport

Posted on May 29, 2017 By

The Carnival cruises are one of the most chosen cruises lines among tourists visiting Miami. This subsidiary of the Carnival Corporation Company, a British American company started business in 1972. Carnival has one of the largest fleet with more than 25 active vessels that actually account for more than 20% of the fleet in the market in all the world. The main idea is offering short, fun and less expensive cruises.

They offer a fun atmosphere and the decoration is based in Las Vegas and they offer a wide variety of shows, entertainments, excursions and plenty of activities to do onboard and offboard. In 2012 the company announced a new methodology of Carnival check in at the airport of Miami to improve the experience of the customer, especially of the tourists visiting Miami, so they can rest assure and check in.

Check Ins may be done among 8 am and 2 pm and you have the option to choose transfers if you have not thought about transportation to the Carnival pier until that moment. Once there, you have to flash your pass in order to get access to the express lane and have your photo snapped skipping lines. There is also a fee based check in with extra perks.


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